Tripaya is the world first inspirational travel search service that focus on what’s really important: your Interests and your Budget!

How practical is an amazing weekend break for skiing if what I really look forward is relaxing in a sandy beach? What good is a great destination, if it’s too expensive to get there? Tripaya offers an innovative and useful online experience, so you can find your perfect destination in just a couple of clicks, saving yourself tons of time that you can use start packing!

At Tripaya our aim is to save you both time and money, while you discover destinations you wouldn’t know otherwise.

In terms of user experience we reduced all the complex functionality that normally can be found at travel sites, and aim to inspire people by talking their language. Our search functionality starts with the basic statement “I have this much money to spend, where can I go?” Tripaya is a smart search engine that understands you and only shows you what you want to see: curated destinations! At Tripaya we are researching and evaluating every corner in Europe to bring you the best possible destinations.

Tripaya has partnered with leading references in the industry, to give you security of booking with companies you know. Tripaya combine hotel deals from both major hotel chains to apartments. We list great deals on air travel from both low-cost and major air carriers, and we even often combine these to identify even higher savings for you. Tripaya is completely free, without extra charges or hidden fees, so best price is always guaranteed.

A word from the Founder:

“Travel is more than the seeing of sights and discover new places. Travel is getting to know new people. How they interact. But technology seems to break this interaction. The online booking experience is cold and distant. It makes a lot of questions, but still doesn’t understand people needs. We want to bring back the relationship of confidence people had when entering their travel agent. We get rid of all the “noise” travel sites have, and focus in just one thing: the client. In the end, is all about People.”

Tripaya is made for you, we'd love to hear your thoughts and recommendations, so we can keep evolving and making Tripaya even better!

If you have any ideas to share, or if you just want to report a bug, please let us know at

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